Technical Documents


Battery Products

Please Contact Your Customer Service Representative For A Complete Listing of the following:

  • PMA and TSO Listing

Component Maintenance Manuals
Current CMM Revision List

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
RS-95112 - Nickel-Cadmium Battery

Sealed Cell Batteries
S102 - 750 mAh
S103 - 4000 mAh
S104 - 1800 mAh
S106 - 3000 mAh
S113 - 1200 mAh

Service Bulletins / Letters
SB-061902-26 Boeing

Technical Support Articles
Corrosion Inhibitors
Setting Up A Shop
Increasing Battery Service Intervals
Aerobatic Batteries

Obsolete Parts List
CA-13 replaced by SP-138

CA-27, CA-27-20, CA-727-3 and
CA-727-7 was replaced by
CA-727-20CR. See SB# 101996-019

TCA-106 has limited parts available

CA-300H is Obsolete

Illustrated Parts List For Batteries
Battery Type MNAI Part # Battery Type MNAI Part #
75M3120 32364-001 M3-54-1  32536-001
ATCA-21H 29486-001 M3-54-2  33033-001
ATSP-44 30978-002  M3-460L-1  31006-004
BTCA-5-20 29094-002 M3-460L-1A  31006-006
BTMA-5 29360-001 M3-460L-2  31006-005
BTMA-5-20 29630-002 M3X-23-1  32955-002
BTSP-179 31346-001 M3X-33-2 33181-002
BTSP-400 30441-001 M3X-33-4 33181-004
BTSP-4445L 32248-001 M3X-54-1  33183-001 
CA-4 18826-003 MA-300H  18241-001
CA-7 24540-007 MA-500H 23729-004 
CA-9 24382-019 PTSP-400-1 31406-002
CA-9-20A 29300-001 PTSP-440 31406-003
CA-10N 15890-003  SP-138  30475-002
CA-20H 27990-001 SP-170A  30554-001C
CA-20H-20 29341-001 SP-376  30596-001
CA-21H-1 27515-002  SP-747  30874-001
CA-31N 19076-002 SP-900A  30130-001
CA-54-1 28002-001 SP-1700  30135-001
CA-54-2 28002-002 STSP-901 31618-001
CA-91-20 29206-001 STSP-930  30464-001
CA-103 27662-002 TCA-21H-1  28855-001
CA-106 28684-001  TCA-21H-20  29345-001
CA-125 27518-001 TCA-106  29097-001
CA-125-20 27518-002 TCA-1069L 33296-001
CA-126 30390-001 TCA-1742  31718-002
CA-154-1 28656-002 TM3-44-4 32794-001
CA-154-2   28695-001 TSP-46-1  32669-001
CA-170 29267-001 TSP-280  30986-001
CA-176 29487-001 TSP-283 31908-001
CA-376 29490-001 TSP-408L-1 32441-002
CA-900A 29767-001  TSP-414  31921-002
M3-17-2 32855-001 TSP-434  31233-001
M3-1760L-1 31918-003 TSP-442 31714-001
M3-25-1 Mod A 33082-001 TSP-900A  30131-001
M3-25-1 33082-002 TSP-1735  30402-001
M3-28-1 33206-001 TSP-1742 31718-001
M3-44-1 32663-001 TSP-1749L 33283-001
M3-44-7 32824-001 TSP-1760L  31918-001
M3-44-8 32845-001  TSP-1708L 32472-001
M3-44-9  32848-001 TSP-9117A  31455-001
M3-44-15 32890-001 TSP-9117B  31455-002
M3-44-22 33204-001 TSTSP-940 31092-001
M3-44-24  33250-001 UTSP-400  31006-002 
M3-44-25  33275-001    
M3-44-27 33204-002    

Christie Products

Technical and Operating Manuals (TD)
Revision List of Current Manuals

Technical Support Articles
RF80-K Simplified Operations
CASP 2500 Quick Install


Christie - Service Bulletins / Service Letters
Bulletin # Description
General SIL RF80K and CASP
SL1-121630-0808 RF80K
SIL2-121630-0209 RF80K
SIL3-121630-0709 RF80K
SB123020-0615 RF80M

Mechanical Products

Please Contact Your Customer Service Representative For A Complete Listing Of The Following:

  • Mechanical Application Document
  • FAA-PMA Listing
  • Technical Support Articles

Component Maintenance Manuals
Current CMM Revision List

Process Specification Revision List
99X Specification Revisions

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Skydrol LD-4

Mechanical - Service Bulletins / Service Letters
Bulletin # Description
SB-A2711-78-1 Strut Assembly Rework
SB-A2711-78-2 Replace Tube Rivets
SB-A2764-71-1 Replace Rod End Bearing
SB-A2866-71-1 Bond Wear Strip
SB-A2898-71-1 Replace Secondary Lock
SB-A2956-78-1 Strut Assembly Rework
SB-A2972-78-1 Check Inner Rod Retaining Screw
SB-A2972-78-2 Strut Assembly Rework
SB-A2972-78-3 Inspect and Replace End Fitting
SB-A2973-78-1 Replace End Fitting
SB-A3068-71-1 Rotate End Fitting 120 Degrees
SB-A3068-71-2 Rebond Fittings
SB-A3068-71-3 Replace Intermediate Tube Lock
SB-A3312-71-1 Replace Outer Tube Rivets
SB-A3312-71-2 Replace Damper Guide Rod
SB-A361-71-1 Install Secondary Lock
SB-A361-71-2 Conversion Procedure
SB-A6201-71-1 Clocking of Un.Joint to Telescoping Tube Locking Latch
SB-A6201-71-2 Replace Couplex Lock, Damper, or Adjust UN. Joint
SB-SS112-52-1 Product Improvement

Terms and Conditions

  Sale and Warranty Terms
  Standard Purchasing Terms


  SPE4A714D0066 SPE4A414VK099 SPE7L0-18-V-5322 N00019-06-C-0292
  SPE4A714D0232 SPE4A415V9169 SPE7L0-18-V-7892 N00019-07-D-0004-LF37
  SPE4A714D0237 SPE4A415V9373 SPE7L0-18-V-7937 N00019-07-D-0004-LF38
  SPE4A715M5219 SPE4A415V9482 SPE7L0-18-V-7948 N0001912C2001
  SPE4A715D0208 SPE4A415VA344 SPE7L0-19-V-0101  
  SPE4A715M5580 SPE4A415VC204 SPE7L0-19-V-0931  
  SPE4A715M5752 SPE4A415VE258 SPE7L0-19-V-1255  
  SPE4A715M5928 SPE4A415VE831 SPE7L0-19-V-1429 SPE8E314D0001
  SPE4A715M6191 SPE4A415VH119 SPE7L0-19-V-2044 SPE8EE15M0603
  SPE4A715M6331 SPE4A415VK920 SPE7L0-19-V-2070 SPE8EE15M1021
  SPE4A715M7795 SPE4A416V4339    
  SPE4A715MA420 SPE4A416V7848 SPE7L2-19-V-1177 SPE8EE-19-P-0020
  SPE4A715MA808 SPE4A418V6719   SPE8EE-19-P-0681
  SPE4A715MB195 SPE4A515C0052 SPE7L3-18-V-4611  
  SPE4A715V0627 SPE4A515C0143 SPE7L3-18-V-9717 SPE8EF-18-P-1224
  SPE4A715V0642     SPE8EF-18-V-0585
  SPE4A715V0765 SPE4A5-19-P-0874 SPE7L116M2742 SPE8EF-19-P-0493
  SPE4A715V1131 SPE4A5-19-P-1046   SPE8EF16CF001
  SPE4A715V1193   SPE7L315M6284 SPE8EF16M0228
  SPE4A715V1354 SPE4A615VJ027 SPE7L316M4411  
  SPE4A715V1414 SPE4A616M2597 SPE7L316V4015 SPE8EG-19-P-0014
  SPE4A716D0265 SPE4A616MA063 SPE7L318C0033 SPE8EG-19-P-7002
  SPE4A716D0282 SPE4A616V8056    
  SPE4A716M1883 SPE4A616V9474 SPE7L5-18-V-2065 SPE8EH-19-P-0147
  SPE4A716M2465   SPE7L5-19-V-1189  
  SPE4A716M2526 SPE4A6-13-D-5187   SPE8EH15M0574
  SPE4A716M2731 SPE4A6-15-V-8278 SPE7L7-18-C-0007  
  SPE4A716M2846 SPE4A6-16-V-9630 SPE7L7-18-P-2082 SPE8EZ-19-P-0278
  SPE4A716M3424 SPE4A6-18-P-F209 SPE7L7-18-P-2537 SPE8EZ-19-V-0253
  SPE4A716M5860 SPE4AF-18-P-L761 SPE7L7-18-P-2661  
  SPE4A716V0284 SPE4A6-18-V-147T SPE7L7-18-P-2769 SPMYM215M1085
  SPE4A716V0899 SPE4A6-18-V-490J SPE7L7-18-P-3024 SPRPA109G004Y
  SPE4A716V1341 SPE4A6-18-V0559B SPE7L7-18-P-3104  
  SPE4A718C0256 SPE4A6-18-V-8881 SPE7L7-18-P-4280 SPRTA1-17-D-0008
  SPE4A718F7365 SPE4A6-19-P-F124 SPE7L7-18-P-4302 SPRTA1-17-D-0009
  SPE4A718PE288 SPE4A6-19-P-F563 SPE7L7-18-P-4305 SPRTA1-18-P-0174
    SPE4A6-19-P-M877 SPE7L7-18-P-4339 SPRTA1-19-P-0068
    SPE4A6-19-V-0577 SPE7L7-18-P-4631  
  SPE4A4-18-V-024E SPE4A6-19-V-3883 SPE7L7-18-P-4638 SPRTA115M0056
  SPE4A4-19-V-5473   SPE7L7-18-P-4653 SPRTA118P0105
    SPE4A7-15-M-1515 SPE7L7-18-P-4909  
    SPE4A7-17-D-5284 SPE7L7-18-P-5188  
    SPE4A7-17-P-3878 SPE7L7-18-P-5941  
    SPE4A7-18-C-0501 SPE7L7-18-P-6110  
    SPE4A7-18-C-0511 SPE7L7-19-P-0260  
    SPE4A7-18-D-0149 SPE7L7-19-P-0791  
    SPE4A7-18-P-9512 SPE7L7-19-P-0801  
    SPE4A7-18-P-A026 SPE7L7-19-P-0858  
    SPE4A7-18-P-B513 SPE7L7-19-P-1207 W25G1V16P1041
    SPE4A7-18-P-C817 SPE7L7-19-P-1327 W58RGZ-13-C-0002
    SPE4A7-18-P-D705 SPE7L7-19-P-1416 W58RGZ-04-F-0023
    SPE4A7-18-P-E961 SPE7L7-19-P-2888 W58RGZ12D0089
    SPE4A7-18-V-1397 SPE7L7-19-P-3320 W58RGZ13D0089
    SPE4A7-18-V-1916 SPE7L7-19-P-4613  
    SPE4A7-18-V-2181 SPE7L7-19-P-4735  
    SPE4A7-18-V-2203 SPE7L7-19-P-5212  
    SPE4A7-18-V-2468 SPE7L715M1191  
    SPE4A7-18-V-3017 SPE7L715M1277  
    SPE4A7-19-C-0005 SPE7L715M1521  
    SPE4A7-19-C-0095 SPE7L715M1562  
    SPE4A7-19-D-0003 SPE7L715M2164  
    SPE4A7-19-F-004L SPE7L715M2172  
    SPE4A7-19-F-041V SPE7L715M2201  
    SPE4A7-19-F-057F SPE7L715M3216  
    SPE4A7-19-F-066T SPE7L715M4017  
    SPE4A7-19-F-7343 SPE7L715M4347  
    SPE4A7-19-F-8175 SPE7L715M4486  
    SPE4A7-19-F-8329 SPE7L715M4537  
    SPE4A7-19-F-9900 SPE7L715V0560  
    SPE4A7-19-P-2959 SPE7L716M3217  
    SPE4A7-19-P-4777 SPE7L718P1848  
    SPE4A7-19-P-D331 SPE7LX-18-D-0096  
    SPE4A7-19-V-0214 SPE7LX-19-D-0111  
    SPE4A7-19-V-0220 SPE7LX-19-F-3521  
    SPE4A7-19-V-0269 SPE7LX-19-F-4574  
    SPE4A7-19-V-0272 SPE7LX-19-F-5067  
    SPM4A611D5289 SPE7M0-18-V-087T  
    SPM4A711D0192 SPE7M0-18-V-6933  
    SPM4A712D0041 SPE7M015V6758  
    SPE5E016V1891 SPE7M015V9570  
    SPE4E116V0012 SPE7M115M7126  
    SPE5E414VA545 SPE7M116V3660  
    SPE5E415V9020 SPE7M3-19-P-3660  
    SPE5E416V5053 SPE7M3-19-V-0082  
    SPE5EJ15V6229 SPE7M416V1713  
    SPE5E8-19-V-3056 SPE7M816M2213  
    SPE5EK15V4111 SPE7MC15V4791  
    SPE5EK15V4670 SPE7MC16M1547  
    SPE5EK15V5395 SPE7MC16M4453  
    SPE5EK15V5470 SPE7MX16D0149  
    SPE5EK16M0592 SPM7LX-12-D-0030-0008  
    SPE5EK16V1635 SPM7LX-12-D-0030-0009  
    SPE5EK16V4309 SPM7LX-12-D-0030-0010  
    SPE5EK16V4311 SPM7LX-12-D-0030-027  
    SPE5EK16V4326 SPM7LX-12-D-0030  
    SPE5EM-18-V-4669 SPM7LX-12-D-0095  
    SPE5EM15M0527 SPM7LX-12-D0030-0028  
    SPE5EM15V5410 SPM7LX12D0029